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Honesty serves as the cornerstone of not only our business philosophy but also our approach to life and relationships. We want to be honest about every part of our process and set honest expectations within every collaboration. Just as we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, we want to work with folks who value honesty as much as we do.


Kindness is at the root of everything we do. We believe that cultivating an environment of kindness fosters open collaboration, encourages empathy-driven creativity, and ultimately allows us to create authentic brand identity systems that genuinely connect with audiences on a human level.


Problem-solving lies at the heart of our creative process. We approach each project as an opportunity to tackle unique challenges and craft innovative solutions. By combining strategic thinking with artistic flair, we empower brands to overcome obstacles, distinguish themselves in competitive landscapes, and achieve their goals with confidence and clarity.


Collaboration fuels creativity and drives project success. We think that the best ideas often emerge through diverse perspectives and collective effort. Actively engaging with our partners and fostering open dialogue ensures that every project benefits from the combined expertise and insights of both our team and our partners, resulting in impactful and functional brand identities that resonate deeply with the right audiences.

Andrew is an outstanding brand designer who truly captured the essence of our brand in the logo he created. His talent and creativity are remarkable, bringing our vision to life in a unique and compelling way. He was incredibly responsive, easy to work with, and consistently professional throughout the process. His ability to understand and embody our brand ethos made the collaboration seamless and enjoyable.

We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend Andrew for anyone seeking exceptional branding and creative direction.


Andrew was exactly what our team at Citrus was looking for. From our first meeting to the finalized product, he did an amazing job working with us to craft a brand identity that was complimentary to our mission and expresses the ideals we hold ourself to. It was incredibly important for us to work quickly, and Andrew's speed of iteration was top-tier. His attention to detail, responsiveness, and creativity truly impressed us, and we would highly recommend him for any brand identity needs.

Hunter Diamond

I chose to work with Andrew Wiseman because I knew he would deliver the best product and I was not disappointed. Very professional to work with and I love the branding and everything he delivered. Truly a pleasure working together and I would highly recommend him.

Andy Gwynn