Citrus approached us with an incredibly cool product that they couldn't wait to launch - an investing platform built for the everyman. They believe in investing in people over products. We were all in.

The name Citrus is derived from the "Howey case". For the brand symbol, we created an abstract C shape from an inversion of a citrus fruit. The repeated nature of the mark is indicative of inclusivity and wealth-building.

The color palette fully leans into bright citrus tones with a complimentary blue that provides versatility to the expression.

Because Citrus is for everyone, we wanted simplicity and usability to be hallmarks for the identity. We created a standard for the use of single, flat color layouts that place an emphasis on content and directing the user. This also signals to the simplicity of the platform.

The investing space is so filled with outdated and complex ideas. Citrus is positioned as the solution to that problem. The identity follows suit:

• simple
• youthful
• creative
• intentional
• clear

Andrew was exactly what our team at Citrus was looking for. From our first meeting to the finalized product, he did an amazing job working with us to craft a brand identity that was complimentary to our mission and expresses the ideals we hold ourself to. It was incredibly important for us to work quickly, and Andrew's speed of iteration was top-tier. His attention to detail, responsiveness, and creativity truly impressed us, and we would highly recommend him for any branding needs.

_Hunter Diamond, Founder, Citrus


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