NinjaCat was quickly outgrowing their previous identity. They approached us in need of an update to drive their revised language and growth outlook. There was a good amount of existing equity in the previous brand identity so we laced up with a goal to refresh and redirect.

We wanted to develop a more versatile identity system for NinjaCat and this started with separating the symbol from the wordmark. This gave NinjaCat an identifier that feels elevated and unique on an enterprise level while still maintaining their fun, energetic voice.


The "cat head" already had a lot of character but it lacked versatility and precision. We recreated the cat head in a single-color format and built the symbol from a series of mathematically pure shapes.
We combined the use of masking shapes and what we called "whiteboard elements" to form the visual system for the NinjaCat brand. These elements evoke a sense of user-friendliness as well as clarity and consistency.

This project was completed in collaboration with Stasia Johnson Design.


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