Observation Group


It all starts with observation. OBSV is on a mission to empower minorities and people of color to be the thought-leaders and culture-changers that they are meant to be.

The symbol we created for OBSV is a simplified, geometric iris with multiple meanings: vision, light, growth, boldness. The OBSV leadership wanted a symbol that could be included within a word mark — the natural choice was the O as we wanted something that was symmetrical and conveyed strength.

Being a minority-owned business, OBSV wanted to hold on to some traditional visuals from African American culture while taking a step forward in an effort to stand out from similarly-positioned consulting firms. We landed on a bright palette that helps position them in a digital-world and also cultivates a youthful and creative energy across the brand.

The art direction for the OBSV brand is a clear, concise use of color and imagery to tell human stories and speak to credibility. One specific motif we created is called "outside the lines." This is the use of grid layouts with overlapping typographical elements. We created this motif to communicate the the new approach and breaking-down-barriers-ness of OBSV.

This project was completed in collaboration with Stasia Johnson Design & Carbon Thread Agency.


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